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SANSA operates a Space Weather Centre in Hermanus which is one of thirteen Regional Warning Centres in the world that fall under the International Space Environment Service (ISES). The SANSA Space Weather Centre provides real time geophysical data on the near Earth space environment as well as forecasts and warnings of adverse Space Weather. A daily Space Weather bulletin provides information on current conditions and specialised information is also available on a subscription basis.

Please visit the South African National Space Agency for more information.

Please visit the new SANSA Space Weather website:

Current Space Weather Conditions

Geomagnetic Conditions

Parameter Station #1 Station #2
Station HER SNA
Date 2024-07-24 2019-02-24
Time 13:11:00 UTC 09:40:00 UTC
Horisontal Field 10818.40 nT 19090.20 nT
Declination -26.15 deg -15.50 deg
Vertical Field -23084.80 nT -35787.60 nT
Rate of change dX/dt dX/dt
0.00 nT 0.33 nT
dY/dt dY/dt
0.00 nT 0.83 nT
K Index
2024-07-24 2019-02-24
12:00:00 UTC 09:00:00 UTC
1 1

Ionospheric (Ionosonde)